Myth busters

When it comes to contraception, there's a lot of myths, misinformation and misunderstanding floating about. Do you think you know the facts from the fiction? Find out with our contraception myth busters.

Contraception – true or false?

Do you think you know everything there is to know about contraception? Well we’ve put together some of the most commonly believed facts and fictions of contraception below. See if you really know your stuff with this true or false quiz.

Withdrawal (pulling out before ejaculating / cumming) is an effective way to avoid getting pregnant.


Condoms are brilliant at preventing infection but not as brilliant at preventing pregnancy.


Any condom will fit any man.


Using an emergency IUD does not guarantee against pregnancy.


Long acting contraception methods like the IUD, IUS and contraceptive implant mean that I don’t have to worry about forgetting but also mean that I can’t get my periods back if I want to try for a baby.


Wearing two condoms will make it safer when having sex.


If I have a baby and don’t breast feed, I could be pregnant at my postnatal check.


The contraceptive pill will increase my risk of putting on weight.


I’m over 50 and am going through the menopause so I don’t need contraception right?


You can’t use an oil based lubricant with a condom.


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