What is PrEP?

PrEP is a pill that you can take to prevent HIV. This has been found to be highly effective if taken correctly.


What does the name PrEP mean?

  • ‘Pre’ is something you do before a risk of exposure (in this case to HIV)
  • ‘Prophylaxis’ is a treatment or action you can take to help prevent disease.

PrEP is different from PEP

for more information on PEP please click here


PrEP and STI's

PrEP will only protect you from HIV. To protect yourself from other STI’s such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Hepatitis C you will need to take other precautions such as using condoms and seek regular testing.

Your sexual health clinics can offer vaccinations for Hepatitis A & B and HPV.


The benefits of taking PrEP

PrEP is taken to protect you from HIV.

If taken correctly, it means that you do not need to worry about the HIV status of your partner.

You can take PrEP if you are HIV negative, but are at high risk of catching HIV.

Where to get PrEP?

We  are now commissioned to provide PrEP, free of charge to all users who meet the eligibility criteria.

Please contact your local clinic to arrange an appointment:

How to access follow up PrEP

If you have been taking PrEP for longer than 3 months and your PrEP was provided by HCRG, we are now making it easier for you to access follow-up PrEP.

Start by completing the online assessment. This form will be reviewed by one of our clinicians, and we’ll contact you within 7 days.

If this service is suitable for you, we will contact you to make an appointment for:

  • A STI test
  • A kidney function test (if required)
  • Collection of your medication

Please note: If you have been prescribed PrEP from another provider and you would like to access PrEP from the Oldham, Bury or Rochdale Integrated Sexual Health Service, please contact 0300 303 8565 to make an appointment.

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