Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or you’re scared that you might have done so accidentally, we’ve got the answers to your questions. Find out about sexual health and pregnancy, how to improve your chances of getting pregnant, what to do if you think you’re pregnant and your options if you have an unplanned pregnancy.

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  • I want to get pregnant

    When you’ve spent most of your adult life trying not to get pregnant, it can come as a shock to discover that actually getting pregnant isn’t always as easy as just ditching your contraception.

    Pregnant woman with hands on her belly
  • Am I pregnant?

    Do you think you might be pregnant? A missed period is a common sign but you may also be feeling sick, tired and perhaps a little unwell in general. If you think you may be pregnant, the first thing to do is to find out whether you really are.

    Woman holding a pregnancy test
  • Help, I’m pregnant

    If you’ve tested positive for pregnancy and don’t know what to do, try not to worry. Unplanned pregnancies happen. Every woman has the right to decide for herself how to deal with that situation.

    Worried woman in bed
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