I’m not sure if I’m been raped or not?


Legally, only a man can commit rape because penetration has to be with a penis. However, both women and men can be raped and this can also happen within a relationship or marriage. If a man puts his penis into your vagina, anus or mouth without your consent (you agreeing and wanting this), this is rape. Sexual assault is when any male or female intentionally touches you sexually without your consent.

If you’ve been sexually assaulted or raped, it’s important to help as soon as possible and to make sure you’re somewhere safe. It’s not your fault and there are lots of people that can help you.

We recommend that you first contact / visit your nearest Sexually Assault and Referral Centre (SARC). You will be able to get immediate treatment and care as well as specialist support. If you are in a Virgin Care service area, you’re nearest SARCs are:

North & North East Lincolnshire: CasaSuite 01472 305037

Oldham, Bury & Rochdale: St Mary’s Centre 0161 2766515

Teesside: Helen Brittan House 01642 516888

You can also get help from sexual health clinics, young people’s centre like Brook and your GP. For urgent medical care and support, call 999 (or 112 from a mobile) and ask for an ambulance or go straight to your nearest Accident & Emergency department.

If you want to report this to the police, call 101 (or 999 in an emergency). If you would prefer not to contact the police, you can still access support from SARCs.