Who will I see in the appointment and what will they ask me?


You will normally see a doctor or nurse. Your clinician will first read through the answers you’ve given on your registration form. It helps them when this is as detailed as possible. They will then need to ask you some questions which can include personal questions. For example, why you have come to the clinic, any genital problems, information about your last sexual partners and the type of sex you have.

He or she may examine you and will recommend any tests needed and whether you need to see a health adviser. Seeing a health adviser is normal if you have been diagnosed with an infection, have been sexually assaulted, are under 16 years of age, require short-term counselling or are worried and want more information about your sexual health. Health advisers can help you let your partner(s) know if they are at risk of an infection to encourage them to come in for testing and treatment.

It is important to answer the questions honestly because the tests and/or treatment you have will be based on your answers. If you are unsure why some of the questions are asked, ask your doctor, nurse or health advisor to explain.